Finally ready to be truly confident on camera?

A unique & impactful coaching programme to help you if you feel like this:


  • You hate your voice!
  • You don't like being on camera!
  • You're not making the impact you want!
  • It's taking you AGES to go live so you just keep putting it off! (Again!)
  • You feel terrified at the thought of going live so again, keep putting it off!
  • You just want to be able to enjoy it but you can't!
  • You can't somehow be you on camera!
  • You feel SO uncomfortable on camera!
  • You just wish you didn't have to show up and do the video stuff in your business!
  • Your message doesn't seem to be landing!
  • You don't know what to say!
  • You are worried you will forget what you are trying to say!
  • You worry no one is watching anyway!
  • You worry everyone is watching!
  • You just think you could do better, if only you knew how!
  • And on those thoughts go...!!


If this is you, it's time to do things differently!  It's time to finally come out of your shell and move from fear to FUN on camera being you!  Why not let me help you to....

  • Learn to love your Voice
  • Learn to get comfy on Camera!
  • Get used to being you on camera❀️
  • Go live faster and without all the drama/worries/concerns/angst!
  • Increase your presence & communication through the lens!
  • Learn to have FUN and truly ENJOY sharing your message on video online!
  • Learn to have confidence on camera at last!!!

Just imagine, being able to go on camera with confidence and ease when and where you want, even going live daily!!! 

The Be The Star You Are Camera Confidence Programme is designed to help you through the discomfort of being you on camera.  This is a hugely impactful series of bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions to help you make your difference in your business and online :) (Finally!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰)


Here's what it includes:

  • 9 x 1:1 practical coaching sessions covering individual voice & on camera technique
  • Individual rehearsal plan to work on in between sessions
  • Roger Love Speaker's Warm Up Track 
  • Private 'Rehearsal Room' Facebook Group
  • BONUSES include:
  • Comfy on Camera Mini Course
  • Produce Me Brainstorming Session with Julia (my tv producer hat on here!)
  • 101 Ideas for Going Live PDF
  • Live for 30 Days Content Plan & Support
  • Courage Cup Tracker
  • Tech Advice
  • VIP Pass to Be Your Own Business Celebrity! (Autumn 22)
  • VIP Pass Be Your Own Business Celebrity 1

Please note!! This is not for the faint hearted!  This will require work and practice in between sessions but I promise you it will be worth it!

It's THE best thing you can do for your business this Summer!! 

Be The Star You Are Programme starts in August & can work around any holidays you have booked!

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Now only £1497 Full Pay!

Full Pay Bonus! - an extra 3hr VIP Intensive 'Rehearsal' Session (invaluable!!)


or 3 x £550 3 Pay

This price will not be this low again!

I can't wait to help you and yes, you can truly do this!πŸ˜‰ xx



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